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I do enjoy a nice piece of timber, but at the core of The Industree Bar is its manufacture of the finest quality Furniture & Artisan’ Wax Polishes & Oils

The Full Story

It’s probably my father’s doing

As a young boy growing up just outside of London, if you wanted it, you had to find what you needed to make it. 

It’s likely that this early programming evolved into a broader desire to know how things work, and to the greater extent, to make whatever I can, myself.

My father was a traditional Carpenter who I spent a few holiday days with, riding shotgun to some exciting job sites.  He seemed to get those interesting projects requiring ‘something a bit different’ – of note was his involvement in the restoration of part of Hampton Court Palace (One of King Henry the VIII hangouts in the UK) after a fire in the mid 80’s.

My take-away memory of the Palace project, was that Dad was instrumental in the installation of a new (old) fire damaged timber beam, but first he must ensure it’s in keeping with the buildings original architecture, i.e., make it look a couple of hundred years old - Ironically, he started by setting the new beam on fire…!

Similar trips to historic public places and some big old house restorations have all forged a pool of memories based upon his craft.


Despite me not recalling my being too attentive whilst growing up, there were clearly a few ‘tricks of the trade’ that registered, and they’ve proven very useful, and applied in subsequent years.


Yes, we have no Poly

Carpentry wasn’t to be for me, not in an early career capacity anyway.  But the cliché goes something along lines of ‘You can take the boy from the wood, but you can’t take the wood from the boy.

Timber, metal, images, paintings, furniture, and copious other assemblies that we’ll just badge ‘designs’… There’s a 40-year trail of experiences that lead to this altogether consuming wax & polish era. 


There now exists an appetite greater than simply understanding the application of wax, but also understanding each of the ingredients and options in building these products - what role each of the ingredients plays in the combined formulas and how subtle adjustments to each element will alter the outcome.

Since 2019 The Industree Bar has evolved a core range of wax polishes that cater for all your everyday and specific needs, from finishing new timber work and furniture, to turnings, carvings, restoration and revival. Yes, we have no Poly-anything 😊

With regular engagement with our customers, local timber mills, a range of artisans, and those clever lab people in their long flowing white coats, we’ve refined this magnificent range of core products to meet your application needs and expectations, in-line with modern day time constraints. 


And we’ve done so in such a way that does not compromise or sacrifice the historical content and qualities fundamental to their success.

We continue to run results driven, comparative, and longevity tests, and look forward to bringing you more solutions in the coming months.

Testing started in 2019.  It doesn’t end.

Antique Waxed Chair
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