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Forging new friends - When Wax meets Axe

Through the lens of this writer, there’s never been two closer cousins capable of delivering a more compelling aesthetic, than the combination of timber and steel.

In the Shed, we’ve enjoyed building a swag of home and commercial furnishings by combining the strength and dare I say beauty of raw steel, topped off by the warmth & enduring nature of feature grained hardwood.

Recently, and very much to my delight, I was introduced to a new union of these two revered materials, even though the craft and the tools in this case, have seen active service for centuries…

I refer to the AXE, and by way of introduction, the man behind this most prestigious Blacksmithing, Mick Henricks, of The Farmer’s Forge.

Mick & Mardi Henricks got in touch with us to discuss our range of wax & oil, keen to stock a few ‘home-grown’ products to complement their growing range of bespoke Axes and Hammers.

Team Henricks, a finished Axe (The Great Divide), and the Forge

Intrigued, and as always gobsmacked by the diversity of ways in which wax & oil polishes can be tailored, we suggested preparing a couple of special blends that would complement their niche business.

Inspired also; by the trust extended by Mick & Mardi, we donned the trusty white lab coats and set about producing two unique solutions for them, a Wood Oil, and a multi-purpose Wax.


Affectionately, and appropriately named Tree Fella’s Wood Oil, and Tree Fella's Wax, used both for manufacture of their Axe and Hammer, and available for the maintenance & protection of your pride & joy, in fact many tools, these two lab-designed and Mick road-tested products are available exclusively from The Farmer's Forge, in Roma, Queensland, and from their website!

Tree Fella's Oil and Wax
New Tree Fella's Oil and Wax from The Farmer's Forge

But wait there’s more; dear Queensland viewer!  Mick (touted by some to be crowned QLD’s 2024 pin up-boy) and The Farmers Forge team, will be making an appearance at the popular FarmFest Field Days from June 4th to 6th in Toowoomba – So if you’re in the area, why not drop in and split a log with Mick & Mardi? (Bury the hatchet maybe? No…too much)

Or maybe just go say G'day (oh, and buy something).

As always, we appreciate you supporting & buying products from the Shed, and please reach out if you're a retailer or market seller looking to compliment your range with any of the range from The Industree Bar.

But for now, I trust you’ll welcome Mick & Mardi, another home-grown Australian business, into the fold.

May as well polish this off with a Dad joke:

What does Mick do when he's not working?

He rel'axes!




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