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Time to toughen up!

We’ve been listening to your feedback about our product range and applications you’ve most enjoyed. And together with our endless quest for perfection, we’re excited to bring you 4 new, easy to use, wax finishes.


Traditional Beeswax has joined the range of Restorers Polishes

New Premium Furniture Wax in Clear and Antique finishes

New Carnauba Furniture Wax; and

Carnauba Crystal Wax

What’s New about them?

Restorers waxes are made tougher and more durable

More wax in the tin

More variety

More uses

More shine

In fact - The only way these waxes won’t shine, is if you leave them in the tin!

We’re still producing the popular Traditional Beeswax that has its own unique way of reviving a piece, and this long-time rock of furniture’s welfare has now joined the ranks of our new Restorers’ range.

You can apply any of the Restorers Furniture Wax directly to raw (New or unsealed) timber if needed, though in the case of most restoration and furniture revivals, there may be a base upon which to apply a finish.

Unlike so many, we’ve removed all water content from any polishes in this range, which means you get more wax content and more coverage from each tin. We’ve also harnessed the benefits of complimenting waxes in order to produce the best sheen and more durability, plus made it easier to apply and quicker to dry.

Applied with fine (0000) steel wool and buffed with an inexpensive piece of cotton polishing cloth. No need to go foraging for lint-free cloths or more expensive cotton polishing cloths!


Outside of the Traditional Beeswax option, our everyday ‘go-to’ Restorers Furniture waxes are the Premium ‘Clear Finish’ and ‘Antique. Infused with both Carnauba wax and Microcrystalline wax, these two finishes represent a salvation to furniture!

Application is as uncomplicated as; 0000 steel wool to apply, wait 20-30 minutes, and a piece of polishing cloth to buff up a guaranteed shine. (Details for the use of each product are on our 'tip-sheets')

On new or previously unsealed timber, Clear Finish will see no change in the colour to the timber and serve to emphasise & protect the grain in the way only wax knows how, imparting a deep rich sheen.

Restorers Premium Clear Furniture Wax

The darker Antique wax doesn’t mean a compromise to the level of finish. It will add a light/golden hue to light woods and a similar in-fill to slight grain undulations in darker wood.

Applied to Antique patina, redwoods or dark woods, Restorers Antique will add depth and a striking sheen to the piece.

Despite its appearance in the tin, (something similar to a failed cake-mix!) Antique is not designed to tint furniture or timber unnecessarily, but it will darken open grain or porous areas, so always test first on a waste piece or out of sight area.

To that end of course, the antique hue will aid in covering light scratches as you polish.

Restorers Premium Antique Furniture Wax

(Incidentally, the cake mix look will vanish as you 'charge' your 0000 steel wool or cotton cloth for the first time)


We’re replacing the softer cream-polish version that has a longer dry time.

The new Restorers Premium Wax Carnauba Polish is higher in Carnauba and enhanced by the presence of Beeswax and Microcrystalline wax. This combination yields not only a durable finish but also imparts the high sheen synonymous with Carnauba. Typically, Carnauba must be reduced from its natural brittle form, so that it can be worked & applied. This often means a water solution and high volumes of solvents are added; however, we’ve kept it firm and infused our Carnauba with complimenting waxes and natural gum turpentine, such that it can be applied like any softer wax polishes.

Drum roll...


Taking the durable & high sheen of Carnauba to another level – Crystal Wax can be applied to furniture and any piece, and is also ideal for turned, carved, or ornamental pieces. At almost 60% Carnauba content, this hard wax produces a glass-like sheen with unparalleled durability. Similar to the rest of the Restorers range, the steel wool and cotton cloth regime works perfectly. Lathe enthusiasts can take advantage of the machine buffed finish that Crystal delivers, direct to a raw sanded base, oiled, sealed, or a friction treated piece, for incredible results.

Woodturners & Carvers Carnauba Wax Crystal Polish

As always, we’ll include a ‘tip sheet’ with each product, that covers all the basics…. Though seriously, it doesn’t get much easier to get great results!

Please keep the questions and feedback coming! And if you have any ‘tips, tricks, news, or views' you’d like to share, please add them to the comments below.


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