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Our Beeswax candle's create a beautiful, peaceful, romantic ambience.  Handmade, natural candles are 210mm tall x 25mm diameter (80+grams) and fit a standard dinner candlestick. (the older the better!)


100% Pure West Australian Handmade Beeswax, with a natural beeswax finish, or in a range of colours


TWIN-TIP wicks so you can 'burn the candle at both ends' (In the event of a broken or damaged wick, just flip the candle!)


*Self calibrating for an optimum burn of 10+ hours with superior flame of 25-30mm

*Clean burn, with minimal to zero wax drip whilst kept out of draft areas

*Colours in images are indicative and may vary according to natural beeswax base hue and processing methods.  (Orders for 2 or more of the same colour, will be colour matched)

100% Handmade West Australian Beeswax Candles

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