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"Smells so good, you could bottle it" they said ...So we did!

Visitors to both our homes and 'The Shed' frequently comment "that smells noice, what is it?"

So we got to think - What if we could bring that workshop (Man Shed, said tongue in cheek) fragrance into the home?  Like being in the shed when you're not!

They’re not simply polish in a bottle, we’ve mustered a nasal-nomic platter of man shed aromas that will have you believing (or wishing) you were there!

There are 3 woody aromas to choose from in the woodworkers' range, each reflecting aromatically, exactly what you read from the labels.



Outer box packaging is for demonstration (unless picked up) purposes only. Our carriers pricing prohibits the large box space that the reeds and bottle together, would otherwise occupy stacked vertically.

Product includes: The 200ml Man Shed reed diffuser as pictured, and 5 x 5mm Reeds.
Jar comes with wooden screw-top lid. And all well packaged!

MANCAVE (Woodworkers) Reed Diffusers


20% Trade Discount with any 6

  • Ponder

    Thought provoking of course. But we've chiselled out the wispy fragrances of the working Woodworkers shed.

    • Spruced up at the top end with Bergamot
    • A touch of leather and cedarwood in the middle
    • And the kicker - A fruity combo of Tung Oil (nut) with a complimenting serve of eucalyptus


    Inhale accomplishment, exhale doubt!

    • For the top and middle notes, you’ll detect the orchestration of bergamot over the Sandalwood
    • But this isn’t a musical – The raw base notes, and our proprietary blended nut oil & stuff keeps it firmly woody, without drifting into the domain of toilet fresheners and flowers! (For which we could never be forgiven)


    Affairs of the heart – we could only include an element of romance in this aroma.  Pining for the shed or the one who works the shed, no matter, here’s the reminder of the normality of the shed, that can add a romantic twist in air, to any room in the house.

    • With an altogether softer set of notes making up this fragrance, Absence diffuses a lingering and memorable, if not somewhat fruit-infused aroma. Wait…is a nut a fruit?
    • Well, it’s dreamy in any case, and as with all Man Cave diffusers, it’s never far from something you’ll find in the Woodworkers Shed (particularly a good wax!)
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