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Pro-wax Box Set

4 Premium Waxes, Fine Steel Wool applicator, and a Cotton Mesh Polishing Cloth


The perfect gift for the woodworker, restorer and for lovers of furniture.


Each box set comes complete with

1 x Restorers Premium Clear Furniture Wax

1 x Restorers Premium Antique Furniture Wax

1 x Restorers Traditional Beeswax

1 x Roll of 0000 fine grade steel wool

1 x Roll of Cotton Mesh Polishing Cloth

1 x 4th Wax of your choice!


Select your 4th Wax from a Restorers, Kitchenware, or Woodcrafter waxes. From Traditional Beeswax Polishes, Cutting Boards & Utensils, to the highest of sheens obtained from our Crystal Carnauba Wax, ideal for turned pieces, knife handles, ornaments, and boxes. (or just about anything that you want to protect & shine!)

We've included the mainstay of waxes - Two Premium Restorers Furniture waxes, one clear, and one for darker timbers and restoration work. Antique Furniture Wax is ideal for covering minor scratches and imparting a richer deep lustre to the surface.

All Restorers Premium Furniture Waxes include the higher sheen & durability achieved through a balanced mix of Beeswax, Microcrystalline, and Carnauba Waxes.


Waxes are easily applied with 0000 Steel Wool, and buffed to a rich grain enhancing shine minutes later, with breathable Cotton Polishing Cloth - Both of which have been included in this great box set!

Over $85 of value when bought separately, all included for just $70 (+<$11 postage anywhere in Australia)


Each Tin Contains 150ml / 125g - AND Come with detailed 'Tip sheets' on use.


*Note that steel wool and cotton cloth contents are starters, and not enough to apply all 4 tin contents entirely.

Complete Pro-wax Box Set

SKU: Pro-wax
$85.33 Regular Price
$69.95Sale Price

20% Trade Discount with any 6

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