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Restorers Premium Wax Carnauba Polish


Easily applied, and tremendous results!


An incredibly tactile high sheen polish for furniture, the wood turner,  and homeowner – Our Carnauba finish is easy and quick to apply, taking only minutes to buff to a durable, high sheen, water repelling finish.


A single coat will revive surfaces.  Or apply a couple of coats to new work for a sleek high-lustre transparent finish, enhancing the natural grain. Also contains Microcrystalline wax as an added water reppelant. 

Suitable for all timbers. Easily applied using 0000 steel wool, cloth or pad applicator. Quick drying and easy cotton cloth buffing.


Contains 150ml / 125g - Comes with detailed 'Tip sheet' on use.

Restorers Carnauba Wax Polish

  • Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Refined Petroleum Waxes, Gum Turpentine, and Low Odour Mineral Spirits.

    *We always recommend safety first. Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, face protection and work in a well-ventilated area.