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What's in the shed


'better furniture wax & oil'

What's in the shed
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Restorers Clear Furniture Wax

Restorers Premium Furniture Polish

(In Clear and Antique)


Infused with Carnauba and Microcrystalline Waxes.

Easily applied to new, or previously treated surfaces with 0000 wire wool or a cotton cloth. Quick dry, great sheen!

Restorers Traditional Beeswax

Restorers Traditional Beeswax Polish


To an age old formula,
we've added a tin.

100% natural, biodegradable, environmentally friendly option.
Often the choice of restorers and polishers of antiques.

Restorers Carnauba Wax

Restorers Premium Carnauba Polish


Infused with Beeswax and Microcrystalline Wax.

An incredibly tactile high sheen polish for furniture, the wood turner,  and homeowner.  Quick & easy to use, buffs to a durable, high sheen, water repelling finish.

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More about our unique brand

Our Restorers Range of Premium wax finishes are made in Australia (in a shed), and the foundation upon which we host a range of uniquely formulated & superior wax products.

The range has been tailored specifically to meet the requirements of the discerning. Those demanding more durability, sheen, and protection, than most furniture polishes can offer.

In addition we have a host of specialist waxes.  These include metal & workshop wax, kitchen boards & utensils wax and oils, woodturners & carvers 'crystal' Carnauba wax, Oil wax combinations, and artisan waxes for lime-wash, effect, and chalk paints.


Not least of all, we are proud to be of the few that stock 100% Pure furniture & food grade Tung Oil.

Perfect for furniture, wood turned items, decking, kitchen boards, floors, and even concrete. Tung Oil is an excellent choice for finishing porous surfaces and repelling water, with a finish unlike any other.

Tung Oil or Wax, from preparation and application, we have a raft of information pages & blogs on all our products to help you make more informed choices about the finish for you.

Urban Home Interiors

Restorers Premium Wax Furniture Polishes...and more

Premium Furniture Wax



Unlike many brands, we’ve removed all water content and held back on all the solvents from any polishes in this range, which means you get more wax content and more coverage from each tin. We’ve also harnessed the benefits of complimenting waxes in order to produce the best sheen and maximum durability, plus made it easier to apply and quicker to dry.


Applied with fine (0000) steel wool and buffed with an inexpensive piece of cotton polishing cloth, the results are second to none.


The darker Antique wax doesn’t mean a compromise to the level of finish. Conversely, it will add a light/golden hue to light woods and a similar in-fill to slight grain undulations in darker wood.


Applied to furniture with an Antique patina, redwoods or dark woods, Restorers Antique will provide protection, and add depth and a striking revived sheen to any piece.

Restorers Antique Furniture Wax
Premium Carnauba Furniture Wax



Also known as Brazil wax and 'Queen of the Waxes' Natures gift of a higher sheen, more durable, and with greater natural UV protecting properties, Carnauba is one of the hardest natural waxes.  

The new Restorers Premium Wax Carnauba Polish is higher in Carnauba content and enhanced by the presence of Beeswax and Microcrystalline wax. 

Typically, Carnauba must be reduced from its natural brittle form, so that it can be worked & applied. This often means a water solution and high volumes of solvents are added; however, we’ve kept it firm and infused our Carnauba with complimenting waxes and natural gum turpentine, such that it can be applied like any softer wax polishes.


Taking the durable & high sheen of Carnauba to another level – Crystal Wax can be applied to furniture and any piece, and is also ideal for turned, carved, or ornamental pieces.  Anymore 'glassy' and it would probably smash!


At almost 60% Carnauba content, this hard wax produces a glass-like sheen with unparalleled durability.


Similar to the rest of the Restorers range, the steel wool and cotton cloth regime works perfectly. Lathe enthusiasts can take advantage of the machine buffed finish that Crystal delivers, direct to a raw sanded base, oiled, sealed, or a friction treated piece, for incredible results.

For Kitchen boards & utensils

Kitchen Chopping Board Oil
Board Butter Chopping Board

The secret to what makes our Board and Utensil butter & oils original, can be found in the Tung - Tung Oil, that is.

Board Butter & Barrier Oil

Both feature a full honey & nut aroma, and offer so much more than just an oil-bath to your boards and kitchenware.


Our Beeswax, Tung and Mineral formula penetrates, nourishes, and conditions, providing a smooth, lasting, and more resilient, finish. 


Our People Are Saying

Awesome product , love the feel and lustre that these finishing waxes create on my wood products , Dealing with John is a pleasure and he is helpful , I like the fact that he sends an information sheet with the different waxes 10/10

Greg Tasmania

Our Mission at The Bar

Looking for something else? Let us know, here

We believe in ethical, smart, and natural shopping to prolong the life of timber and all natural materials. Our products are carefully designed to ensure they align with our core values.


All our key ingredients used are prioritised, natural first.

You can refer to our Fax on Wax here, for further information


  • What sort of waxes do you use at The Industree Bar?
    Where the item includes 'Traditional Beeswax' in the product names, then only natural Beeswax is used.  All wax and polish descriptions disclose the wax types for each product line, in the 'Essential Ingredient' section.
  • Why do you use different waxes?
    Usually implied in each product description, is the function & result of the wax or polish.  Beeswax is known to have been used to protect furniture (and leather) for centuries.  However alternative waxes such as Carnauba, wax which is a plant based wax, provides both a tougher and higher sheen finish on most timbers (like for like).  For greater body & drying optimisation, we may also blend refined waxes. No wax is used as an economic alternative. In all our products the primary waxes are either Beeswax or Carnauba wax. Quite simply, we believe they'll produce the finest & most durable wax finishes.
  • Do you add chemicals to your waxes or polishes?
    The term 'Chemical' generally refers to a compound artificially manufactured.  So to that extent, given some of the benefits of petroleum based waxes, then yes certain polishes perform just that bit better with a dash of refined wax or mineral additive.  In the main though, essential ingredients are natural.  Tung oil, Linseed oils, and Gum Turpentine make up the majority.  These are plant based & natural additives.
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